Shree Shyam Agro Industries PVC Pipe and Fitting Manufacturing Company give a cordial grant welcome to the visitors who are highly appreciated by the Government with eminent and unique professional engineers and manufacturers.


Our Shree Shyam Agro Industries PVC Pipes and Fittings are successfully running their product since 2016 with a wide comprehensive range of products. The products that are provided by our company enhance highly trained manufacturers with fine-standardized wires with high-grade raw materials. Since our products include highly advanced features with easy-to-use, damage resistance, and lightweight offering pipes and wires at very reasonable cost price rates in the market. We are also assured of the high-quality corporation at a wide range of completion by satisfying our customers in providing them the reliable, durable, and long-lasting product of corrosion-resistant pipe products.


Our Shree Shyam Agro Industries  is a brand of quality that is highly engaged in bringing good-qualified products with the set of quality norms. Also, we are highly professional and expertise in focusing on our customer’s requirements. In addition to that, our industry owing to the quality-assured wire, pipe, and other related fitting products with less minimum budget price. Often it satisfies the wide range of products effectively.




Shrishyam Agro Industries , Our PVC Pipe and Fittings are highly manufactured with précised product that innovates and enhances ease of maintenance.



Our industry brings creative and easy installation PVC pipe and fitting products as the customer desires. Also, the teams of manufacturers are highly expert and proficient in dealing the pipe kinds  materials.



We make our needs to be satisfied and give their requirements as per they desire. Our industry is passionate about providing high-qualified raw material pipes to get furnished smoothly with corrosion 



The manufactured product of our industry gives high mobility of our pipe products that are widely enhanced, a high comprehensive range of manufacturing and supplying the products to the required 


Welcome to the visitors and the customers who wish to buy our products of PVC Pipes and Fittings widely. We are experts in bringing high-grade raw materials of products to the required customers in enhancing client satisfaction at first and giving them the first priority.

The company of SHRI SHYAM AGRO INDUSTRIES has been promoted as India’s largest PVC Pipes and Fitting in the year 2016. Jindal is a brand and a trusted quality of products that have emerged in the market. We are here to give you the right product with high-quality that focuses on customers’ demands and needs. We manufacture, supply a wide range of PVC-based products such as agricultural pipes, irrigation pipes, and plumbing pipes and fittings that are profoundly manufactured and delivered to the required customers at an affordable cost price in the leading market. 

Thus, our team of manufacturers and suppliers performs high strength with PVC Pipes and Fittings that are forayed into flexible packaging to provide complete solutions. The team that we manufacture with highly précised engineers works actively to evolve cost-effectiveness and quality in fulfilling high-grade raw materials thus meeting the specifications in ensuring a wide comprehensive